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Rapid App Development Delivers Innovative Apps with the Freedom of Low-Code

As customer interactions within a company continue to progress quickly, organizations must deliver innovative ways to engage with customers and drive business. To do so, apps have become a high priority, but for companies with small or no development teams, producing these tools concurrent to changing workflows and business lifecycles can’t move as quickly as necessary. Small teams of IT professionals also struggle to push through projects quickly, particularly with the need for more customization and flexibility. Impact has realized the challenge of the era of fast-paced development, and has partnered low-code platforms from Mendix and Microsoft PowerApps, to create custom-built apps for clients at an accelerated pace. And with built-in project management and user feedback tools, our clients can be part of the rapid app development process every step of the way.

Instead of starting from scratch, our development team can start with templates and pre-coded modules to kickstart the development process. The drag-and-drop interface makes creating a series of action items within an app easier and eliminates much of the redundancy developers face with traditional coding. Rapidly deploy custom apps with a collaborative platform filled with pre-coded modules for standard functions, templates and codes.

Keep up with customer demand with our rapid app development solutions.

Benefits of Impact’s Rapid App Development Solution

Based on timeline, budget and functional requirements, Impact will determine which platform to build our client’s application. Impact leverages the Mendix platform for apps that require a lot of collaboration with our clients, with built-in project management and feedback tools in one location. Impact developers can collaborate with your strategy and product teams to help turn their idea into a custom application. The benefits of working with us to build your custom app include:

business growth A flexible application that scales alongside business growth

completion and implementation Faster creation and deployment with higher turn around rates for app completion and implementation

Increased collaboration Increased collaboration between Impact developers and our clients who can work concurrently to build, review and provide feedback within the app

Increased visibility Increased visibility into the app development process in an accessible fashion with feedback

security and compliance Control over performance, security and compliance

app development Reduced time and costs associated with traditional, redundant app development

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What Types of Apps Can We Build?

The apps that we typically build with our low-code platforms are unique to specific problem that our client is experiencing, that isn’t addressed by traditional software. Some of the apps we can create include:

Innovative Apps

Support new business ideas and activities and maximize growth and differentiation.

Customer Engagement Apps

Improve customer and partner-facing apps that are often transactional or interactive, involving feedback, sales/purchases and retention.

Operation Efficiency Apps

Reduce and automate employee or partner processes, and improve support, compliance and collaboration.

Legacy Migration Apps

Digitally transform businesses processes by replacing old, outdated processes with technology that can integrate and automate.

Platform Features

Impact offers two low-code platforms, Mendix and Microsoft PowerApps. During our assessment of your business, we’ll identify the app development software to serve your needs best. Our developers act as partners for your team and typically provide full-service builds for our clients along with support. Use PowerApps to integrate Office 365 apps and build new workflow apps into simplified activities, and Mendix for control over internal and customer-facing apps for a range of tasks.

These features make it easier for us to pass on value to our clients to help them achieve their goals:

Full-Stack Low-Code/No-Code Rapid App Development Platform

Mendix and Microsoft PowerApps turn development activities into simplified tasks. With Mendix Studio, users can build domains, responsive interfaces, micro and macroflows and perform troubleshooting and debugging in real-time. With drag-and-drop ability and tools to replicate lines of code, the speed of deployment will go up substantially.

Security features of Impact's rapid app development solutions

Avoid misconfiguration or the absence of necessary security measures for apps and related data. We can build in rules, permissions, authentication, encryptions, passwords and more for stable security levels within the app to keep the front and back ends safe and compliant.


These low-code applications integrate with powerful workplace tools, including Office 365, to simplify workflows. You’ll be able to run all agile processes, test, develop, review and get feedback notes directly through the apps, and connect internal and external system, services and actions with third-party services.

Agile Project Management & Feedback Tools

Each application has its own project space, where users can collaborate and provide feedback, familiar, send uploads, survey and submit updates. It’ll be easier to complete projects quickly with one place to organize feedback between IT and business professionals.


Partner mendix

A highly recognized company in the Garner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Applications Platforms, Mendix is changing the way business and development coincide. Their platform speeds up the app development process, giving companies the power to create a team of citizen developers who can develop, design and deploy custom applications and effect change across their services with little to no development experience.

Partner Power Apps

Microsoft’s application platform integrates with the powerful Office 365 suite and allows users to build enterprise-level business apps, improve the capabilities of others and connect systems for more top-level productivity.

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