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While many businesses have gained a new level of productivity by switching from paper to digital platforms, creating a truly collaborative digital environment is often the next challenge they face. In many cases, unstructured work, which includes innovation, creative, administrative tasks and more, runs across multiple departments and systems. Trying to track all of these activities and information can prove to be costly and time consuming, especially without a single, structured platform.

As a growing organization, Impact understands the struggle of unifying work with a fast-growing team. That’s why our certified experts offer our custom project management solution. Using the Smartsheet platform, we work with your team to connect systems and integrate applications into a personalized, collaborative work management system that offers visualization, analytics and more.

Benefits of Partnering with Impact for a Project Management Solution

As experts in project and process management, we realize that in order to create a truly efficient system of work, you need to find the root causes of your issues. When you partner with Impact, you’re not just receiving an all-inclusive work execution platform. You’re gaining a partnership with a team that includes a dedicated project manager and business application specialists to work with your team at every step: discovery, development, delivery and post-project support. Our services come with full implementation, licensing and support, all at a fixed-fee cost, guaranteeing you have the team and the tech to empower your employees from day one.

Working with Impact for project management solutions offers the following benefits:

project manager A dedicated project manager to lead the solution project from start to finish

certified industry expert Access to Impact’s certified industry experts

scalable workflows Agile, scalable workflows

automation Automation capabilities to reduce redundant tasks and improve data accuracy

collaboration Improved collaboration between teams and departments

engaged employees Engaged, satisfied employees

full visibility Full visibility into the processes, tasks and projects across your organization

workflow configuration Faster workflow configuration, integration and automation with a flexible and user-friendly platform

Customized dashboards icon Customized dashboards for real-time reporting and analytics

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Impact’s Project Management Solution

Our certified project managers, designers and solution architects have experience working with businesses across a number of departments and verticals. No matter your size or budget, we can customize the platform to suit your needs, including:

Popular Features

The Smartsheet project management solution through Impact has endless capabilities based on your business needs. We’ll work together to determine what parts of the platform are most useful for your workflows and tasks, and will build them out within the platform. Some of these tools include:

smartsheet projects interface view

Project management is one of the most popular uses for the Smartsheet solution, and with the help of our certified project managers, your team will be able to move, manage and report on the project faster than ever before. After a review of your current workflows, we build out these processes to include scheduling, task visualization, tracking and areas for real-time communication, all in the Smartsheet platform.

smarsheet automation software view

Our specialists work to find repetitive tasks that eat up your team’s time, and utilizing the automation tools within Smartsheet, can build out full workflows, such as data entry, approvals and alerts, to be performed by the software with little to no human intervention necessary.

smartsheet dashboards

Keep track of all of the working parts within Smartsheet with custom dashboards set up by our project management designers. We’ll work with you to determine the KPIs necessary to monitor your success, with graphs, charts and other visuals to your choosing, all built into a user friendly window.

smartsheet forms

Managing requests and collecting information between departments will take only a few clicks with built-in forms. Once we’ve taken a deeper look into collaborative processes in need of better communication, our team can set up easy access forms that connect to the various projects and workflows within the platform.

smartsheet mobile app

For employees working remotely or on the go, they’ll be able to access the full project management solution via an app. Our experts will make sure the transition from desktop to mobile is seamless and easy to navigate with the same dashboards, activities and projects available.

smartsheet integrations

Our customized Smartsheet solution doesn’t just connect people. This powerful tool integrates with content management, cloud platforms, productivity suites and much more. With an emphasis on security, we’ll use the project manage platform as the centralized hub for your organization.


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Used by more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies and organizations of various sizes across many industries, Smartsheet has proven to be one of the leaders in work management. Offering hundreds of integrations with popular applications, the platform makes it easy for companies to unify their processes, projects and daily tasks in a centralized place.

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Find out more about how a project management tool can benefit your business.

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