Business Process Optimization

Unite business activities into streamlined workflows to digitally transform your company

Improving Workflow Efficiency and Engagement with an Omnichannel Platform

Digitally-transformed businesses succeed by incorporating speed, agility and connectivity into all customer-facing and internal processes, in order to deliver positive customer experiences and foster end-user productivity. For many small and midmarket businesses, uniting disconnected systems that run independently within lines of business and departments is a time-consuming, expensive challenge. This is why we introduce our customers to Kofax TotalAgility (KTA), the complete creative business process optimization platform that benefits both end-users and customers by streamlining internal and external processes. Orchestrate a series of business activities including onboarding, billing, digital signatures and more at a more efficient pace, and see greater visibility and efficiency over workflow cycles, while reducing costs and time spent on manual labor. Through a range of modern software tools which incorporate smart technology such as AI and automation, employees can manage data capture, data access, analytics and customer communications all in a single, digital location. Ultimately, these software tools are aimed at improving workflow efficiency.

Establish an integrated, efficient stream of business processes and customer interactions with a focus on accuracy to digitally transform your business.

Benefits of an Business Process Optimization Platform

Kofax TotalAgility serves as a business process optimization platform to connect data-rich activities from systems and data sources across a company. Emails, PDFs, word files, scans, faxes, portals – even photos can contain critical business information, and KTA can capture and transform them all into useable structured data. That data can be integrated and automatically synced into your system of record, like a CRM, ERP or marketing platform, eliminating the time spent and margin of error that comes with manual data entry. It also can be used to trigger strategic workflows created in the KTA process designer. Users can take more informed action with in-depth visibility into their data and processes with analytics dashboards. Impact customers gain more time to focus on ROI with collaborative, customer-engaging applications, set up in the platform that our experts configure, deploy and support as your business grows. Unifying your processes through KTA, you’ll see benefits such as:

real-time analytics More informed business decisions with real-time analytics

business process optimization Streamline workflows with business process optimization

multichannel activities Simplified procedures with less manual and duplicate work within multichannel activities

data entry Reduced spend on disparate technology and data entry roles

system of records Improved data security with a single system of record

Increased accuracy Increased accuracy of data

front-end communication More efficient back and front-end communication

customer engagement Improved customer engagement

employees and customers More agility and mobility for employees and customers

business processes Learn how to improve business processes

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Kofax TotalAgility Features

See your productivity and customer engagement steadily increase with KTA’s multichannel platform, connecting touchpoints for departments including AP, logistics, customer service and more.

Data & Document Capture

Reduce errors associated with manual, time-consuming data entry using capture software for bills, forms and other information coming into your business. TotalAgility pulls right from digital sources and documents, and through recognition software, enters customer information into the platform, ensuring accuracy and consistency wherever data is replicated.

Robotic Process Automation

Help digitally transform your business when you connect employees with software robots to aid in office assistance. End users can focus on business-critical tasks while process bots pull and aggregate information from various data sources and applications. Users will have the information they need, allowing them to provide better customer service without having to access multiple systems or spend a significant amount of time gathering information.

Process Orchestration & Management

The Kofax TotalAgility platform simplifies the creation and management of workflows across an organization. As you become more informed about customer activities and changing business needs and rules, you can adjust the structure of your processes, ensuring any people, processes, rules and applications that should be included will be. By working with Impact, you’ll have access to experts who specialize in business process optimization and can help you determine the best way to scale your processes accordingly.

Process Intelligence & Analytics

The dashboards within KTA provide insights into your data and processes. Make more strategic business decisions, identify areas for business process improvement and identify trends in your data in order to improve customer satisfaction and identify potential issues affecting your workflows.


End-users and your customers alike benefit from the platform’s mobile-friendly setup. Activities like payments, accounts-based data entry, onboarding and billing can be completed from a mobile device.

Customer Engagement

KTA is just as beneficial to your customers as it is to employees. E-signature options such as click-to-sign, verification and photo uploads allow for data capture from any device, meaning customers won’t need to take the time to fill out and submit paper documents. The platform tracks their accounts at touchpoints corresponding with business activities, and integrates correspondence to make sure any interactions, billing and support information is accurate and updated. When you use KTA, you’ll quickly learn how to improve business processes.