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3 for 3: Jesse White

Impact’s 3 for 3 video series—where we take a look at the journeys, careers, and achievements of extraordinary people who’ve made history, broken down barriers, and continue to bring change to their communities—is back with another episode and another incredible story.  

This episode features the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, who joins Dick Stockton, legendary sportscaster, and Bill Jacobs, Impact’s Chief Diversity Officer, to discuss his truly extraordinary life and legacy. 

Check out video below!

From spring training with the Chicago Cubs to jumping out of planes as a member of the 101st Airborne, Jesse White’s journey into politics has led him through many different avenues. Amazingly, he’s consistently been able to find ways to help people and improve the communities around him no matter where he is or what he’s doing, including creating the Jesse White Tumblers and advocating for organ donations. 

Wherever he’s been, Jesse White has always found ways to help those who need it and to raise awareness for issues that affect many. Hear more about Jesse’s incredible story and how he’s been able to touch the lives of so many throughout his illustrious career in sports, the military, schools, government, and beyond. 

About 3 for 3: As Impact continues to work closely with Bill Jacobs, Chief Diversity Officer, on various initiatives, this 12-month long video series featuring Dick Stockton will showcase 12 different guests about their journeys both personally and professionally. The series covers careers, diversity and technology. 

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