Saddle Up! 2023 Houston All Company Meeting Highlights

See all the highlights from Impact’s 2023 all company meeting in Houston, Texas!

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Jun 01, 2023

Take a glimpse at the highlights from Impact’s 2023 all company meeting in Houston, Texas, where all of Impact came together to celebrate successes, discuss the future, and have a little fun along the way.

Detailing the 2023 All Company Meeting 

Each year, all Impactors gather in one place to celebrate our wins, recognize those who went above and beyond, share ideas, and plan out our future. In 2023, to celebrate the opening and successes of Impact Texas, we came together in downtown Houston. 

With speakers from across the company and covering various topics from marketing to personal growth, this year’s all company meeting was full of inspiration, expertise, coffee, and a bit of Texas flair. 

Building a Strong Culture at Impact 

At Impact, our culture is built around our people and cultivating a business that promotes learning, career advancement, development, recognition, and collaboration.  

A big part of this is our all company meetings where we’re able to bring our teams together from across the country to share our victories, our big ideas, and our vision for the future. 

Watch the video above to get an inside look at Impact’s 2023 all company meeting and hear from members of our team on why these get togethers are so important. To learn more about joining our team, visit our careers page to see our available opportunities and explore life at Impact. 


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