Executive Cyber Summit: Strategies for Secure Operations

Get a glimpse into what attendees experienced at the Executive Cyber Summit - an exclusive event for business leaders to learn practical steps from Impact's experts to keep their organizations safe.

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Aug 28, 2023

In July 2023, Impact hosted the first-ever Executive Cyber Summit. Our industry-leading experts spoke with a select group of business leaders about what is required to keep their organizations secure today and in the future from an IT and cybersecurity perspective. Get a glimpse into the event by watching the below video:

Cybersecurity at Impact

Cyberattacks have only gotten more complex over the years, meaning that your defenses have to be complex and multi-layered as well. A managed cybersecurity solution is your best chance for ensuring every key area of your network is fortified for maximum security.

No cybersecurity provider can ensure that you’ll never be targeted by a bad actor. But with a comprehensive assessment that uncovers your vulnerabilities, expert guidance for the best ways to fix those weak spots, and white-glove implementation of all the technology you need, Impact gives your business the best chance for rebuffing any attacks that come your way.

How to Mitigate Cyber Risks

Cybersecurity and IT security are not the same thing. The most comprehensive security plan is one that combines them both, along with the ability to digitally transform your defenses and infuse security best practices into every other element of your business operations.

It’s these concepts that the leaders at the Executive Cyber Summit discussed. You can learn how to mitigate cyber risks all across your own organization by contacting Impact today and asking to attend the next one. Get in touch with a specialist today to get on the list! 


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