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Is Information Security a Subset of Cybersecurity?

Is Information Security a Subset of Cybersecurity? Yes, information security is just one aspect of cybersecurity as a whole. Infosec concerns access to data and is used to reduce and stop actors gaining illegal or unauthorized access to information.

Why is Information Security Important?

It goes without saying that protecting data from unauthorized access—namely cybercriminals—is important for businesses today.

This is made clear by three trends in particular which have brought infosec to the forefront.

More Attacks

Firstly, cyberattacks have risen significantly in recent years as more people and companies adopt digital technology and the number of attack vectors increase for hackers.

This has led to a surge in cybercrime—even without the impact of COVID, which brought with it a substantial investment among many in new digital tech and new targets susceptible to attack.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, a cyberattack incident will occur every 11 seconds in 2021. This is nearly double the rate in 2019 (19 seconds), and four times what it was in 2016 (40 seconds).

Cybercrime has increased at a rate of roughly four times over the last five years alone—a source of major concern for businesses and those in the cybersecurity industry.

Much of this increase has been driven by the second trend.

Tech Investment

As the costs of software-as-a-service and other tech solutions have decreased, the barrier for entry for digital transformation and a desire from businesses to be more forward-thinking in their approach to technology has fostered a business environment which is investing heavily in technology.

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For example, public cloud spending increased 6.3% in 2020, and 44% of businesses indicated that they had already or planned to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

Much of this investment has been brought by the effects of the pandemic, which has forced businesses to invest in platforms that allow their employees to continue operating remotely with as much efficiency as possible.

Human Error

As much as cybersecurity has come a long way with regards to modern solutions using automation and machine learning, human error is still an issue that causes a disproportionate number of breaches among organizations.

96% of IT decision makers believe their organizations are susceptible to external cyberattacks and 71% say they are not prepared to cope with them

Attacks such as phishing scams have become widespread over the course of 2020, with a reported 600% increase during the early onset of lockdown restrictions. With employees working and accessing data from home, hackers spotted an opportunity to target susceptible users.

Human error is the foremost cause of data breaches, with as many as 52% of breaches being directly attributable to employees falling for methods like phishing.

How Can Businesses Improve Their Information Security?

At Impact, we always encourage organizations to adopt a layered approach to their cybersecurity.

In a layered approach, information security acts as one of several solutions that make up a quality stack.

As far as infosec is concerned, this will typically employee solutions that are targeted at data loss prevention (DLP), like establishing proper access controls, authentication protocols, and email protection.

Is Information Security a Subset of Cybersecurity?

Part of a Wider Stack

Information security should be pursued in tandem with other cybersecurity elements, particularly backup and disaster recovery and cybersecurity education.

To determine what solutions and initiatives should be adopted by a business in order to improve their cybersecurity, they should invest in a security audit that takes a deep dive into its capabilities.

For more information about what you can expect from a security assessment, we recommend reading our blog post on cybersecurity risk audits.

Bottom Line

Is information security a subset of cybersecurity? Yes, it is, and should be treated as part of a larger cybersecurity tech stack. For more information about what makes up a quality security defense for business, take a look at our managed security service.

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