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Tech Tips: Printer Troubleshooting for Connection Issues

Watch this video where one of our tech experts walks you through some common printer troubleshooting techniques.


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Jan 04, 2021

Printer troubleshooting can be a hassle, so we’ve made this short video for you to help you avoid some very common mistakes and issues people run into with their printers.

Check out this Tech Tips video and as one of our Help Desk Analysts goes over printer troubleshooting for Windows and Mac and get your machine up and running once more.

If you prefer written out steps, no problem! Scroll down to find them below.

Checking printer queue for issues:


Step 1: In the bottom bar, open “System Preferences”

Step 2: Select “Printers & Scanners”

Step 3: Click on “Open Print Queue”

Step 4: Click the “Pause” button, then the “Resume” button


Step 1:  In the search bar, type and select “Control Panel”

Step 2: Click “View devices and printers”

Step 3: Right-click the icon of the printer you’re using

Step 4: Hover over “See what’s printing” and click your printer

Step 5: Highlight any jobs that have been paused

Step 6: Go to the “Printer” drop-down to select option to resume or cancel print jobs


About Tech Tips

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked computer questions and full troubleshooting demonstrations in this web series featuring some of Impact’s technology specialists. These experts work on both Windows and Apple devices to ensure all users will be able to resolve their issues in no time.

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This video features Mike Gould, Help Desk Analyst in Lake Forest, IL.


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