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MDM Demo: Mobile Device Management In Action

Watch this MDM demo and get an understanding of what we as an MSP do to keep your devices secured.


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Jun 23, 2021

Want to see an MDM demo with your own eyes? You’ve come to the right place! 

At Impact, our vCIOs help secure mobile devices for our clients with mobile device management, which means all devices under a network can be configured, deployed, monitored, and protected all from one single dashboard. 

This allows our experts to keep our clients safe and ensure their devices are secured at all times. 

What is a MDM Demo  

Take a look at the MDM demo video below as one of our vCIOs, Israel Aviles, gives you an inside look at what mobile device management is, what we do to protect our clients, and what a managed service provider can do to help you get your devices secured. 

Why Is MDM Important Today? 

There are two key factors in the increasing importance of businesses needing to protect mobile devices. 

Firstly, the rise of the Internet of Things—practically everything today, from fridges to phones, is a smart device that can be connected to a network. 

While this is extremely useful in better connecting offices, businesses, and employees; it also poses significant complications, not least from the increased number of attack vectors for bad actors. 

This has been evident in a number of cases, particularly in situations where devices aren’t considered a threat for companies, like with printers for example. 

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Secondly, working circumstances have evolved significantly over recent years, particularly with regard to flexible work options for employees. 

Trends like remote work were already on the rise, and the pandemic in 2020 (along with its associated lockdowns) caused a massive surge in staff working from home. 

This meant in turn that in any given business, a large number of remote devices were accessing their company network from outside the established network, often from unsecured locations. 

That’s why mobile device management services are important and why we invite you to watch this MDM demo. 


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