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PBK Architects Improved Their IT Strategy with Impact 

See how PBK Architects partnered with Impact Networking to improve their IT strategy and continue serving their clients.

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Sep 16, 2022

PBK Architects wanted to plan for the future of their firm, but they needed a better IT strategy.

As the largest design, architecture, and engineering firm in the nation with a focus on education,  PBK Architects strives to provide their clients with environments where they can flourish and learn. However, their previous IT service provider did not give them enough support.

They needed a MSP (managed service provider) who would help them continue to create great work for their clients. The ideal IT partner would support them in developing a vision of the firm’s future. 

Ian Powell, Managing Partner at PBK, sat with us and spoke about how the architectural firm’s plan for the future could not be supported by the MSP they had previously partnered with. They needed to find an IT team that could support their growing needs.

The firm met with Impact, and after an assessment and tech implementation, they were able to efficiently return to operations and focus on what they do best—serving their clients and creating environmentally responsible designs where students and workers can discover, learn, and play. 

PBK Architects had begun to look for an IT partner that could assist them as they prepare for the next few years. 

“The very first thing that impressed us—hugely—was [Impact Networking’s] willingness to do something in a non-traditional way.”

-Ian Powel, Managing Partner, PBK

The Impact Networking process gave PBK architects a better IT Strategy that solved many of their problems. Additionally, the architectural firm began seeing benefits that went beyond the problems they had in the past. 

“We can manage our expenses, manage resources that we rely on in a much more effectively way, [and] for less cost. I can recommend and endorse Impact [Networking] without reservation. They’ve changed the game for us.”

-Ian Powel, Managing Partner, PBK

Impact Networking stepped up and after conversations with PBK leaders and an assessment, Impact provided the tech and especially the professional expertise to implement and use that tech.

Soon, PBK Architects was back on track to doing what they do best—serving their clients. 

To learn more about Impact and explore the solutions we offer for your IT needs, visit our Managed IT Services page. 


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