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Pickard Elementary School Career Day

For Impact Networking employees, the holidays are always made brighter and more meaningful thanks to Pickard Elementary School. Our longstanding Letters to Santa program has allowed Impact employees to provide the younger students at Pickard with Christmas gifts they would not otherwise receive. This rewarding relationship has left Impact wanting to do more to help the students in a number of ways. Since “adopting” the school in 2009 as a recipient of charitable initiatives, Impact has also looked for ways to enrich the lives of Pickard students of all ages. In the spring of 2015, Impact financed the Pickard eighth graders’ trip to Springfield—giving them the opportunity to learn about the democratic process by seeing it in action.

Pickard eighth graders are at a crucial stage in their education, with high school and all that follows just around the corner. With this in mind, Impact decided to host a Career Day for Pickard eighth graders that would make these students more aware of various opportunities within the workforce. For many Pickard students, life during and after high school is often beset with much more confusion and obstacles than opportunities. The Impact Career Day was the perfect chance to instill these students with confidence about their individual potential as students and future professionals. Megan McClafferty of the Impact Design & Marketing team was instrumental in coordinating the event. Said McClafferty, “It was great to see the students learn just how many career paths there are. I hope our Career Day was an eye-opening experience that they will remember.”

Impact provided bus transportation for the students from Pickard Elementary in Pilsen to Impact headquarters in Lake Forest. Once the students arrived, they were given a tour and shown the cutting-edge technology utilized by Impact clients and employees. After the tour, representatives from different departments gave presentations about their positions in order to provide the students with more information about the vast availability of different kinds of career opportunities, and how departments within a corporation depend upon each other to ensure the success of the company as a whole. When the students were asked at the end of the day how many of them had heard about a job position for the first time, every hand in the room shot up.

In true Impact fashion, the presentations were followed by a pizza party for the students and staff. Impact recently received thank-you letters from the Pickard students and the teachers who attended the event. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Students commented on everything from the presentations to the pizza to the horses they saw on the bus ride to Lake Forest. Impact employees who were able to interact with the students considered it an equally rewarding experience. Said McClafferty, “We set out to see what we could do to broaden their [the students’] horizons. Based on their participation and response, I can safely say we’ve done just that.”