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Impact’s Managed IT Department Ready for the Future

Three Director-Level Promotions in Impact’s Managed IT Department Points to Future Growth

After a record-setting year of growth, Impact, a leading managed service provider, is continuing the development of its Managed IT department with three director-level promotions. In January 2019, Jeff Leder was promoted to Director of MIT Security Services, Alex Park to Director of Service Delivery and Ray Santoro to Director of MIT Business Development. In 2018, Impact’s Managed IT department saw a 273% increase in revenue, making it the perfect time to restructure the growing department.

Jeff Leder

Jeff Leder, Director of MIT Security Services, spent the last year defining the new Impact Managed IT Security Services (MITSec) offering. In his new role, he will oversee the division’s security stack, processes, procedures and structuring of the team. Prior to this role, Leder had worked at Impact for three years in multiple roles, including Senior Field Network Engineer and DevOps Architect. Following the Impact Optimize2018 summit, he and Patrick Layton, Impact VP of Managed IT, saw the need to expand the company’s security offering to include an enhanced security solution to clients with high quality service. Prior to the summit, Impact partnered with KnowBe4 and TechData for employee training and penetration/vulnerability testing. Now, led by Leder, Impact’s MITSec offering is structured to fit the needs of the small to midsize market; it will help clients overcome a general lack of knowledge surrounding cybersecurity and avoid being easy targets.

Alex Park

Alex Park, Director of Service Delivery, came to Impact in January 2016 in the infancy of the company’s Managed IT department. Since then, Park has taken a lead role in better defining the department’s processes to remain agile as Impact continues to add divisions, products and locations. In his new role, he is in charge of the overall process and procedures used to provide clients with world-class service from the Managed IT department. His responsibilities include project management, overseeing procedures, platform development and project documentation. With several service offerings, the goal is to provide a consistent and centralized Impact customer experience, regardless of the specific solutions a customer chooses.  Although Park’s position will live within MIT, his Project Management team will manage cross-department, multi-solution deals. As a leader, Alex is key to the development of the MIT team, defining the standards for managers, defining job descriptions and requirements for positions, and identifying additional required positions that do not currently exist within the Managed IT department.

Ray Santoro

Ray Santoro, Director of MIT Sales, joined Impact in May 2017 as a vCIO handling pre-sales and client management. During his time in this role, he saw the challenges that came with a fast-growing division and a position that spanned multiple client touchpoints. As Impact’s Managed IT department grew, Santoro took a key role in helping to develop and define the vCIO and Business Development Specialist roles. A key factor in splitting these two positions was to continue to provide the highest level of service to clients before, during and after the sales process. Now as the Director of MIT Sales, Santoro will oversee a full team of Business Development Specialists. As a seasoned manager and leader, Santoro’s goal is to create uniformity among all of Impact’s branches as it comes to the MIT assessment process. With 11 Business Development Specialists working under him, Santoro will have the opportunity see many different deals and solutions across Impact, allowing him to better diagnose problems and identify areas of improvement.

These new director-level roles will shape Impact’s Managed IT department, allowing the division to grow rapidly while still providing necessary support to customers. As IT becomes more complex, these roles will follow suit. Impact understands the importance of having leaders in place to keep the baseline support active with specialized service.

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