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Impact’s 2018 Holiday Giving

The holiday season can be a hard time for many struggling and less fortunate families. This year Impact’s local branches are giving back to the deserving children in their communities and making the holiday season a little brighter. In Chicago, Impact is celebrating its 11-year partnership with Pickard Elementary School and the Letters to Santa program. In Indiana, the team has partnered with Campania Academy Orphanage and Dolton Park District to bring Santa to their local events.

Letters to Santa

In 2007, Impact partnered with Pickard Elementary School and the Letters to Santa Program to provide gifts to all students from pre-kindergarten to 4th grade during the Christmas season. This year, Impact employees gathered donations and Heidi Cucco shopped for the 275 students who had written letters to Santa detailing three possible gifts they wanted for Christmas. The gifts were then wrapped and delivered to the students on Friday, December 21st right before the holidays. For many of the students, Impact’s gift from Santa will be one of few gifts they receive this holiday season.Each student is incredibly grateful for the gift that they receive. One student, who is currently an 8th grader, received an art set from Impact during Letters to Santa when she was in the 4th grade. At the time she knew nothing about art and did not have the resources to learn, but with her new art set she taught herself to draw and has found a new passion.  Stories like these and the smile on every kids face is the reason Impact continues to give back and participate in the Letters to Santa program each year.

Santa Comes to Indiana

This holiday season, Impact’s Indiana branches have been giving back to local organizations by bringing Santa to their events. Indiana General Manager, Chris Zvirbulis purchased a full Santa suit and has taken on the role of Santa at many local events.

This year, Impact’s Santa, accompanied by two elves (local Impact employees), visited the Campania Academy Orphanage to distribute gifts to 80 children. Campania Academy is a 100-year old organization that fosters children between the ages 10 and 18. There are different housing units within the organization, and each has their own Christmas celebration. Chris Z. and his colleagues visited each unit’s party and passed out gifts donated by the community.

Earlier in the month, Impact’s Santa also attended the Dolton Park District Visit Santa event. The Dolton Park District is an Impact client, and in a business review it was mentioned that a Santa was needed for their annual holiday event. Chris Z. and his team of elves once again stepped in to distribute gifts to 150 kids. Additionally, Impact donated $1,000 to the organization specifically for this event.

In 2019, Impact will celebrate its 20th Anniversary, and much of this success can be attributed to the local communities we operate in. It’s an honor for everyone involved to give back to their communities, and no matter the event, the goal is always to make someone’s holiday a little brighter.

Happy Holidays from Impact!