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Impact Networking Announces All MIT Customers Protected with SentinelOne’s Next-Generation Antivirus Solution

Impact Networking Promotes Security-First Approach with SentinelOne Upgrade For All Managed IT Customers

Impact Networking, a leading managed service provider, announced today that it has upgraded all current Managed IT (MIT) customers to the SentinelOne next-generation antivirus solution. All current MIT customers who do not already have the SentinelOne solution included in their package will receive this upgrade from the standard antivirus at no additional cost.

SentinelOne is a cybersecurity solution that encompasses prevention and detection across endpoints and cloud networks. Specializing in endpoint security, which refers to protection of computer networks from being exploited by malicious actors, SentinelOne enables and empowers Impact to protect its customers from devastating cyberattacks at every stage of the threat lifecycle. An organization’s network is fundamentally at the mercy of these endpoints, and any crack could offer hackers a way in to steal valuable information. The next-generation antivirus, by design, utilizes AI-powered technology to provide full transparency into everything happening across a customer’s network at rapid speed, ultimately defeating attacks in real time.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a greater, more immediate need for a new generation of security technology that can detect and combat even the most evasive and sophisticated threats. Almost overnight, Impact had to support its customers working from anywhere, and with that came the overwhelming necessity to adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape of today and beyond.

“The adoption of the next-gen antivirus for all of our MIT customers marks a critical milestone for Impact,” said Impact Vice President of Managed IT Services Patrick Layton. “By providing unparalleled threat detection and real-time autonomous protection, Impact is fortifying every edge of the network.” The SentinelOne next-generation antivirus solution is a significant value-add for Impact’s MIT customers and will be a critical asset in delivering superior endpoint protection.