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Impact Named 2017 Diamond Club DocuWare Partner—A Record-Setting 10 Years in a Row

Impact Networking is the longest continual DocuWare member with that distinction.

Impact Networking is honored to announce that we have been selected as a Diamond Club DocuWare Partner for 2017— our tenth consecutive year as a member of this prestigious group of dealers. This decade of distinction makes Impact the longest continual member of the DocuWare Diamond Club in the entire industry.

As a company that is committed to being a one-source provider to its clients for all business process optimization needs, Impact aims to provide industry-leading solutions in the business marketplace. Our relationship with DocuWare is an incredible asset to our clients that utilize document management as a strategy to streamline their business operations. Mary K. Williams, Marketing Communications Manager of DocuWare, had this to say about the long-standing business partnership between DocuWare and Impact: “Impact’s commitment and dedication to their customers’ success is unmatched. By providing the most innovative and advanced document management technology from highly trained and certified professionals, businesses can create efficiency in their business processes which ultimately affects their competitive edge and bottom line, not to mention the improved work environment for their staff.” Document Management is a crucial component of the Impact one-source business model, which is designed to mitigate operational redundancies for business across a variety of vertical markets.

Frank DeGeorge, Vice President of Strategic Services and Impact Partner, has witnessed firsthand the significance that partnering with DocuWare has had for Impact, and more importantly, for our clients: “Impact chose to partner with DocuWare over 12 years ago, and they have become an invaluable asset to our organization. Being in the Diamond Club for 10 years shows our commitment to excellence in the realm of document management, and our promise that we will deliver the best possible experience for our clients. Our growth with DocuWare shows our ability to adapt to our customers’ challenges and deliver business process optimization for growing companies.” Our expertise with DocuWare and the implementation of document management helps our clients in a measureable and substantial way that yields clear and consistent results.

As we look to the future and perpetually adapt to new technology and changes in the business landscape, Impact clients can be rest assured that our long-standing association with DocuWare will continue to be a pillar of our organization. By providing our customers with industry-leading document management solutions through our partnership with DocuWare, we are giving them an experience that is second-to-none.