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Impact Launches New, Specialized Managed IT Curriculum

The Impact Leadership Institute (ILI) is excited to announce the launch of a new, immersive training course for all Managed IT (MIT) professionals of Impact, as of June 2021.

The specialized course, MIT Foundations, is designed to properly onboard and integrate all new employees within the explosively-growing MIT department. The global goal of this training is to create a shared language, understanding, and stake in the MIT vision for all team-members from day one, and to allow for communication of team goals, processes, and standards that preserve the Client Experience.

As Impact’s dedicated Learning & Development team, the ILI has spent the past several months doing onsite learning needs analysis, meeting with stakeholders, hosting end-user interviews, and learning key systems and processes in order to design this course. It is the beginning of a dedicated commitment and long-form development plan, to continuously upskill and gel the Managed IT team amidst rapid expansion and hyper-growth. The three-day course will be hosted at corporate headquarters and the new Unified Support Operations Center (USO) in Lake Forest, IL.

“Addressing the learning needs of this highly-astute, technically-complex team was one of our most fun challenges to date,” said Ashley Carnes, Director of Sales Strategy & Professional Development. “It was ultimately about driving the ‘why’ in their commitment to service excellence, and the ‘how’ in approaching IT differently. It was as much philosophical introspection as it was skill-based training.”

As Impact continues to grow, the ILI team will look to design a foundational curriculum for each department, with a high priority currently on sales acceleration, client experience, and digital transformation. Inspired by our core values of professional development and innovation, Impact founded the ILI in 2018 to foster the growth and continued education of all employees.

To learn more, reach out to Impact Director of Sales Strategy and Professional Development Ashley Carnes at [email protected] or visit







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