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Impact Now Offers Cryptocurrency Payment Option to Customers

Impact Networking is now accepting cryptocurrency payments from customers, including Bitcoin. This new payment option comes at a time when the push for companies to embrace digital transformation is more important than ever before.

“Cryptocurrency has been a topic of discussion for years, and for Impact, accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies shows our commitment to adapting based on the current market trends,” said Impact CTO, Frank DeGeorge. “Impact has always been committed to embracing change and adopting new innovative technologies. Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, is a viable and secure payment solution for many, and we are excited to continue to expand our payment options to provide the best possible customer experience and make the process easier where we can.”

Cryptocurrency payment options have been adopted by many top companies in recent years, with incentives for both businesses and customers. Benefits include:
Low transaction fees, if any, for customers and business
Secure payments, supported by blockchain technology making transactions final
Globally recognized currency that can be transferred instantly
• Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the #1 performing asset class of the past decade

Companies currently accepting cryptocurrency and Bitcoin include Nordstrom, Tesla, Whole Foods, Norwegian Air and other recognized brands. Studies have shown that blockchain is one of the most secure methods for online transactions, and use of the blockchain ensures customers can be confident that their money is safe and encrypted, no matter which business they’re dealing with.

Impact now accepts cryptocurrency for any payments made by customers. If you are interested in learning more or changing your payment to a cryptocurrency, please contact us here.