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Impact Attends UW-Eau Claire AMA Event

Our Impact Recruiting Team has a crucial and dynamic role within the company—always scouting out talented individuals that provide momentum for the future of Impact. Their responsibilities take them to universities and networking events across the Midwest, where Impact has become an increasingly respected organization with high engagement from attendees. One such event took place recently at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, a university with a respected business program that has graciously hosted this American Marketing Association event for the fourth straight year. Members of AMA chapters from universities across Wisconsin gather for the opportunity to network and prove their sales prowess.

Impact has enjoyed an increasingly prominent role at this UW-Eau Claire event for the past few years. This year, Impact sponsored a cold call contest, “Impact Swag” social media contest, and our very own Alex Kusters served as the keynote speaker for the entire event. Kusters delivered a powerful and relatable message centered on the importance of perseverance and humility in the highly competitive professional world.

Our cold call contest facilitated a unique opportunity for prospective sales professionals to try their hand at an experience they will be faced with every day, multiple times per day, in their future careers. The students were tasked to cold call on Impact managers Alex Kusters and Matt Michael, who stood in as points of contact for the exercise. “We wanted to give the students an experience that is as realistic as possible,” said Cynthia Skurski, Director of Recruiting at Impact. “We were extremely impressed with how the students performed in this exercise.” Of the participants in this cold call contest, six students were selected to go on to the final round. All six finalists were from the UW-Whitewater AMA chapter.

Corporate Sales Recruiter Haleigh McPeek understands just how crucial these events are for the purposes of networking and talent acquisition. AMA chapter members are inspired by speakers and hone their skills in sales related contests, but it is in the downtime in between where resumes are handed out and first impressions are made. McPeek brought up how useful the UW-Eau Claire event has been for Impact in the past: “We’ve hired a few account managers after meeting them at Eau Claire and staying in touch after the event. They’ve done extremely well at Impact.” We look forward to developing connections with the talented students that attended this event and adding talented employees to our growing company.