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Illinois Paper & Copier Company Content Meeting

When news of Impact Networking acquiring Illinois Paper & Copier Company became public, the atmosphere was one of celebration. Last Friday, the two companies gathered at the Bolingbrook Golf Club to solidify the exciting new venture.

The recent acquisition has fostered a collaborative environment between the two companies and has given Illinois Paper employees the chance to learn about the different departments and services at Impact. The meeting was an eye-opening experience for employees from both companies. Some reconnected with friends they had worked with in the past; many others were able to meet new friends and coworkers for the first time. One interesting facet of the meeting was an increased awareness of the commonalities between the two organizations.

Both Impact and Illinois Paper operate within a similar industry and environment, and many values are shared between the two companies. As Impact employees and industry equipment dealers gave presentations about their different departments and Impact as a whole, there was a palpable feeling of mutual respect and optimism for the future. Presenters expressed appreciation for the reputation Illinois Paper has established with its clients in Chicagoland for almost 40 years, and acknowledged the immense benefits that would be shared between the two organizations as a result of the acquisition.

The presentations concluded with closing remarks from Illinois Paper CEO Terry Yormark that touched employees in both organizations while offering added optimism for the future: “If you gotta work somewhere, this is it, guys. The glass is not half-empty; it’s half full.” His remarks served as parting words from a professional who has devoted himself to his organization and more importantly, to his employees. He expressed confidence in the continued growth of Impact Networking. “The grass doesn’t grow under their feet.”

A catered meal was a welcome addition to the meeting that was enjoyed by all, as was the happy hour that followed. Although many in the banquet hall were strangers, there was a sense of determination to make the acquaintance of people who will turn from strangers to coworkers to friends in the coming months and years. It is an exciting time for both companies as they combine experience and expertise to become one organization committed to better serving businesses in Chicagoland and throughout the Midwest.