Impact Networking Wins Reppy Award for being a Top Rated Professional Development Company

Impact has been awarded a 2023 Reppy Award for having exceptional professional development and training. Read the press release here.


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May 25, 2023

RepVue Shines Spotlight on Impact for Exceptional Professional Development and Training

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Impact Networking, a national managed service provider (MSP), today announced that it has received a 2023 RepVue Reppy Award for being a Top Rated Professional Development Company as rated by sales professionals. This is the second consecutive year Impact has received this award.

The RepVue Reppy awards, given out biannually to sales organizations that are top performers in key categories, seek to create a community where companies can showcase their strengths and improvements for the benefit of job seekers. A company is eligible if it meets the minimum ratings requirement, which varies by category. Companies that are ranked in the top 20 for one of the categories or top 5 in a metro area are eligible to receive Reppy awards.

Impact has been awarded for having exceptional professional development and training. According to sales representatives, Impact supports employees in career advancement and helps them achieve personal and professional goals. The MSP founded the Impact Leadership Institute (ILI) in 2018 to spearhead employee upskilling and professional development. Research shows that the modern workforce is most interested in career advancement opportunities. The ILI focuses on building experiences, meeting professionals where they are in their journey, and utilizing a range of learning modalities.

The ILI houses a suite of educational experts in multiple disciplines of adult learning theory, specializing in various industry-leading learning design platforms. The ILI works in tandem with the company to stay agile, embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, and welcome change. The team keeps a close eye on the ever-evolving technology industry to provide relevant and timely resources and case studies to employees at no cost.

Supporting a consultative sales engine is a top priority for the ILI. Investments into specialized selling experts to give real-time coaching around skills, process, and technology has bridged the gap between the classroom and the field. This team is responsible for the management of an 18-month program advancing sellers through a series of experiences hyper-focused on sales skills, industry knowledge, business acumen, and business model expertise.

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