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Impact Opens Brand-New Unified Support Operations Center

Impact opens USO, a brand-new facility to serve as a unified resource dedicated to helping Impact customers with all support requests.

Press Release

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Mar 19, 2021

USO Builds New Muscle and Capabilities for Impact Networking

Impact Networking, a leading managed services provider, announced today it has completed the redesign of a brand-new Unified Support Operations Center (USO) to house all members of Impact’s different service teams, all focused on customer support. The USO opened in Jan. 2021 to serve as a unified resource, a one-stop-shop, dedicated to helping Impact customers with all support requests, ultimately creating a more positive, rewarding experience by streamlining communication and maximizing their return on technology investments.

In the past, Impact had four different help desks, one for each service, which, by default, resulted in many of its customers having to reach out to multiple help desks for support. Impact Director of Support Services Ed Meier described the need for the USO in the wave of digital transformation. “The unification of the help desks allows for better, more seamless support for the increasingly sophisticated technology solutions in the market to achieve even greater business outcomes whenever, wherever.”

Meier is triumphantly leading his teams alongside Service Desk Manager Dave Appel with a focus on speed. Having dedicated, agile teams and empowering them with the best tools, processes and culture makes it possible for the USO to operate with greater speed and resilience. These well-tuned, cross-functional teams work together toward a common set of objectives that are tracked and measured, and can handle everything from simple IT requests to complex technology issues with print equipment to website requests. Today, there are 78 support experts who provide insights and solutions to ensure customers get the most out of their services.

In the wake of the global pandemic, many businesses, racing to reinvent themselves, are utilizing technology in extraordinary ways to keep their businesses running at a pace they once thought impossible, while others are faced with the harsh reality of their shortcomings, lacking the digital foundation needed to pivot on demand. An organization’s ability to generate business value will increasingly be based on the opportunities, or lack thereof, of their technology architecture. Impact’s USO is a sure-fire attempt to stay ahead of the curve.

Looking forward, the USO will turn into a 24/7 operation, live-answering phone calls, emails and chats within 60 seconds. The building is estimated to house roughly 100 people in approximately 12,660 square-feet of office space. A big jumbotron hangs in the center of the main floor, displaying tickets and metrics to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. In addition to digital access lockers to keep personal belongings and noise-canceling headsets, employees have access to collaborative workspaces, private rooms and a full kitchen. Creating an open knowledge system where employees can connect and engage with each other, helping them share and access learning and find ways to innovate, lends itself well to career growth. “It’s a win-win-win. Happy employees make happy customers,” said Meier.


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