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Impact Networking Partners with Innova Technologies

Impact Networking partners with Innova Technologies, a local technology solutions provider in Northeast Wisconsin, effective August 2021.

Press Release

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Aug 23, 2021

Partnership Between Impact Networking and Innova Technologies Enhances Services and Solutions Capabilities in Northeast Wisconsin and Beyond

Impact Networking, a leading managed service provider, today announced that it has partnered with Innova Technologies, a local technology solutions provider focused on delivering digital transformations that drive value and mitigate risk for small to mid-sized businesses in Northeast Wisconsin. The partnership officially began in August 2021.

This new partnership combines Innova’s decade of experience supporting customers in Northeast Wisconsin with Impact Networking’s range of modern services and business solutions designed to meet the growth needs of a company and drive operational excellence.

Serving Northeast Wisconsin for more than 13 years, Innova Technologies has built its name by bringing together the services and technologies that solve business problems. In an effort to continue to innovate and evolve in a fast-growing market, Innova has enhanced its offering by joining up with Impact. The company’s existing customers now have access to all the additional expertise, products, and managed services Impact Networking has to offer, including Cybersecurity, Digital Innovation, Branding and Marketing, and Print and Document Management.

All Innova employees will be joining the Impact Northeast Wisconsin team, filling various roles such as project manager, field engineer, virtual chief information officer, and cybersecurity analyst. Innova Technologies Chief Executive Officer Jeremiah School will become the MIT District Manager for the Northeast Wisconsin region. His wife Chelsea, the Chief Financial Officer of Innova Technologies, will assume the role of Design and Marketing Specialist. Both will maintain part ownership of Impact Northeast Wisconsin, LLC.

This partnership is a significant value add to Impact Northeast Wisconsin and the company at large. “Innova is a tremendous hub of technology expertise, and brings incredible resources and extensive experience,” said Impact Networking Chief Executive Officer Frank Cucco. “We are grateful for this partnership and excited to work together in advancing our shared vision of providing world-class support across the Northeast Wisconsin region and beyond.”

Impact Northeast Wisconsin has two office locations in Green Bay, Wis., and a brand new office in Appleton, Wis. that opened in 2021.




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