Public Vote Winner of the 2020 Cisco Meraki Virtual Hackathon - Impact Networking

Cisco Meraki Hackathon crowns Impact's submission as the Public Vote winner. Check out the Filter Point solution in action.


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Jun 30, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco Meraki launched a Virtual Hackathon to show how partners were proactively addressing challenges with the Meraki solutions.

Impact Networking manages over 500 Meraki networks across the nation and has recently rolled out more Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Meraki networks than ever before due to remote work requirements.  For the Meraki Virtual Hackathon, Impact submitted “Filter Point,” a solution that allows the network administrator to sync filtered categories, whitelists, and blacklists quickly and easily across different networks, including syncing between Meraki and Umbrella. Meraki noted that Impact’s submission set out to answer the simple question, “Can I push our existing Cisco Meraki configuration (for blacklists, whitelists, filtered categories) to Cisco Umbrella?” The Filter Point solution was developed to sync configurations between different Meraki networks in one organization, between different Meraki organizations, and between Meraki and Umbrella organizations. Filter Point was the Public Vote Winner of the 2020 Cisco Meraki Virtual Hackathon.

The Impact team included Erick Olea, Director of MIT Operations; Jeff Leder, Director of MIT Security Services; Horace Tang, Director of Enterprise Development; Joshua Bennett, Sr. Field Network Engineer; and Christopher Kukla, Lead Developer, Architect. Drawing from three lines of business—Enterprise Development, Managed IT Operations, and Cybersecurity—the team brought different backgrounds and experiences that ultimately led to an award-winning submission. The Enterprise Development team members were able to bring expertise of the low-code platform Mendix, which ultimately proved to be the best platform to code this solution, given the tight timeframe of 48 hours.

Check out the Filter Point solution in action and watch Impact’s submission video here.


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