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A Revolutionary New Feature in Impact’s Offices

Impact has always been on the cutting-edge of business technology. On April 1st, see how we’re pushing the boundaries yet again in our offices with this video.

Company Video

1 minute

Apr 01, 2023

Impact is proud to operate on the cutting edge of business technology. Our culture is based on finding the next best way to do things, and always upgrading infrastructure for ourselves as well as our clients. Because of this, we are proud to show off the extraordinary new amenities in our offices. Learn more in this video: 

Impact’s Locations

Nationwide, Impact branches are distinctive for their connection to the community, cohesive feel, artistic sensibilities, and luxurious conveniences. With grandiose murals, open and welcoming spaces, and areas for employees and clients alike to gather, they’re already a delightful place to be.

The revolutionary new feature in our offices only further serves to prove Impact’s dedication to providing everyone who comes through our doors with the very latest and best. Happy employees create happy clients, and next-gen facilities spaces make everyone happier.

See these amenities for yourself! Find your nearest Impact location and visit our offices today. 



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