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Inside the Impact Peru Print Shop

The team at Impact printing in Peru, IL uses state-of-the-art tech to produce print pieces for customers in the Illinois Valley area and the Impact team.

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3 minutes

Dec 18, 2020

Not only does Impact supply organizations with top-of-the-line production print technology, but also runs a print shop that utilizes this same technology. The Impact printing team in Peru, IL is responsible for creating high-quality signage, invites, cards and more for both businesses and individual customers in the community. They’re also the team that ensures that all of Impact’s print materials, which are distributed to both members of the team and their customers, live up to the company’s reputation for world-class service.

See inside the print shop, learn about some of the exciting new technology the team uses and hear from the experts who manage the work of a high-demand environment.

Thank you to the members of our Peru print shop team for their hard work each day in creating memorable pieces for Impact and our customers:

Linda Huffaker, Senior Print Specialist
Nicole Rybarczyk, Print Specialist
Kristina Wujek, Graphic Design/Print Specialist

Do you have print needs?
The Impact printing team in Peru, IL is here to help! Find out more about our location and reach out to the team on their page.

If your team is looking to bring print production in-house, we’ve also got a team of experts who can recommend the right machines for your office. Read more here.

Video Transcript 

Five years ago, there was one person in the print shop. We had to hand-cut business cards and wedding invites with a straight edge cutter. We had to hand-fold brochures and flyers. There was one small production print machine and a very old laminator, and fast-forward to today, and Impact has added on a whole other edition just for the print shop.

There are three production print machines; there is a varnish and foil maker; we have two Duplo cutters to cut business cards and invites; we have a folder creaser machine; we have a paddy wagon that makes notepads now; and we have a brand-new laminator, and I think that’s just the beginning of things to come. Mostly, we print materials, so we get to help all the customers throughout the Illinois Valley area; basically help their businesses succeed as well, whether it’s marketing material, business cards or booklets or banners. And then it’s also great, we get to help Impact as a whole. We print their marketing material, so then we get to help them also showcase what Impact has to offer to help their clients succeed.

So, when customers come in, I can get their designs from the planning stage all the way through to the print stage. I’m also a print specialist here, so I can run the machines and fix the machines and do stuff with the technical side of things, also. We’re like such a union, our team. We each have our strong points and our weak points, and we know each other’s strong points and weak points, so we feed off of that.  

When I have a project that I know I’m struggling with, I know I can go to my other teammates that have more of a stronger background in that area, and I can ask them for help and get the job accomplished, and vice versa. They do the same with me, so it’s a lot of communication and working together, and we have a successful print shop that way. 


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