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Impact Optimize 2022 Highlights

Catch up on what you missed at Impact Optimize 2022 or relive the event if you attended! Either way, watch this highlight video to see the best of the day.

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Sep 08, 2022

Watch this highlight video to relive the best of the event if you were there, or check out what you missed if you weren’t! With clips from our keynote speakers, breakout sessions, activations, and networking events, you’ll really get a feel for everything that went on this year at Impact Optimize.

What Is Impact Optimize? 

Impact Optimize is an annual conference that explores how businesses can integrate and use modern technology to get ahead in every department. From marketing to cybersecurity to leadership and everything in between, company executives get a number of takeaways that will help them get aligned on growing their organization, both now and in the future. 

Not just a thought leadership conference, Impact Optimize also includes a significant networking component. With opportunities to meet people in all fields during lunch, happy hour, and through our interactive activations, you can gain a whole lot more than knowledge at the event. 

What Happened at Impact Optimize? 

The morning was primarily composed of keynote sessions. The 2022 event featured speeches from New York Times #1 bestseller Daniel Pink, visionary investors and blockchain experts Austin Barnard and Jeff Sekinger, and cybersecurity guru Wes Spencer. 

The afternoon expanded, allowing attendees to choose breakout sessions from any one of our five tracks (IT & Cloud, Cybersecurity & Compliance, Digital Evolution, Marketing & Brand Growth, and Managing Technology Initiatives) in four hourly time slots. 

There were opportunities for networking during morning check in, lunch, and happy hour at the end of the official event. 

And finally, scattered throughout the conference space, were activations like a 360 Spin Camera, Social Media Vending Machine, Race Car Simulator (sponsored by Konica Minolta), and more. 

In short, Impact Optimize is a jam-packed day filled with education, networking, and fun! 

Learn more about the 2022 event and sign up to be the first to learn about Impact Optimize 2023 updates at 


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