Impact’s Surprise New Partner 2022

At our March 2022 All Company Meeting, Impact Networking revealed our new partner in a surprise announcement! Watch the dramatic moment in this video.

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Jan 27, 2023

In March 2022, at the All Company Meeting, Impact Networking revealed our new partner, Patrick Layton, in a dramatic and emotional surprise announcement. Watch the moment it happened and see some reactions and interviews about his work and what it means to be a partner in the video below! 

About Patrick Layton 

Over his more than eight years at Impact, Layton has built the Managed IT department from scratch into the most profitable division in the company. His vision and leadership have shifted the organization’s entire business model and led the way for Impact to be at the forefront of movements in technology, both now and in the future.

Careers at Impact 

Layton’s journey at Impact, at least in terms of his growth and support at the company, is not unique. As last year’s partners also experienced, not to mention the hundreds of other employees who have gone through the ranks at Impact, we believe in providing training and opportunity for all staff to seize leadership positions, get promoted, and advance their careers with us. 

Ready to start the journey towards your own partnership? Learn more about working at Impact and browse through our open positions to find your entry point today! 


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