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Impact Networking x Innova Technologies

Impact Networking and Innova Technologies have joined together to provide better services to clients in Northeast Wisconsin. Watch this video to find out how!

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Apr 20, 2022

Impact recently joined forces with Innova to not just improve our overall Managed IT offerings, but also improve our understanding of the Northeast Wisconsin market. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish using our resources and the expertise of the talented professionals at Innova!

About Innova Technologies

Innova Technologies served Northeast Wisconsin for over 13 years before partnering with Impact. They provide technology solutions, particularly those focused on digital transformation for small to mid-sized businesses in the region. Lead by husband-and-wife team Jeremiah and Chelsea School, the firm is known for their incredible expertise and thorough customer support.

Both Jeremiah School and Chelsea School will be joining all of Innova employees in becoming part of the team at Impact. Jeremiah, the Innova CEO, will become Impact’s MIT District Manager for Northeast Wisconsin. Chelsea, Innova’s CFO, is taking over the role of Design & Marketing Specialist.


The Partnership Between Impact Networking and Innova Technologies

Both Impact Networking and Innova Technologies benefit greatly from working together.

Innova offers a clear, personal understanding of the organizations in Northeast Wisconsin. As a local, mid-size business, the Innova staff intimately understands what companies in the area need and how to help them, both strategically and logistically.

Their knowledge is supplemented in execution by Impact’s resources. Since Impact is a national company with a wide range of offerings, we can expand the number of services and depth of support available to Innova’s clients.

Together, Impact Networking and Innova Technologies will revolutionize the way Northeast Wisconsin does business.


Impact’s Company Culture

Every member of the Innova staff is becoming a part of the Impact family, and all of Innova’s clients are being absorbed into Impact’s system. The Impact Networking and Innova Technologies partnership isn’t growth for growth’s sake. It’s a true belief in the business opportunities that become achievable with our collaboration. We can’t wait to realize those possibilities together.

Learn more about Impact’s newly expanded Managed IT service, and then get in contact with Impact Northeast Wisconsin to see how it can help your business scale up today.



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