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The Impact Networking Company Culture

Learn more about Impact Networking’s company culture with this video showing how, while we work hard, we still have tons of fun together on trips and events!

Company Video

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Jun 30, 2022

The Impact Networking company culture is unlike any other. We’re a team of innovators and doers, and we believe in working hard every day to achieve something great. But we also strongly believe in having fun and living life to the fullest. See what Impact’s employees have to say about the culture in this video.

Explore the Company Culture at Impact Networking

Impact doesn’t just offer regular events, trips, and other fun things to say “thank you.” We also believe in promoting from within, providing ongoing professional development, and maintaining an open-door policy at all levels of the company. It is truly built to be a place where anyone who takes initiative can blossom and grow together.

Between the regular All Company Meetings where colleagues from across the country are brought together to exchange ideas, trips and retreats where they can unwind and let loose, and company-wide contests that keep everyone on their toes, it’s easy to see how Impact manages to be as successful as it is while still keeping employees happy.

Come Join Our Team!

If you want to be passionate about your job, evolve personally and professionally, and genuinely enjoy time spent with your colleagues, consider a position at Impact. We offer generous compensation, excellent benefits, career advancement opportunities, personal and professional development, all in addition to our fun and exciting culture.

No matter where your skill set lies, we’d love to hear from you. With offices in five states across the country that offer all kinds of exciting positions, from the most eye-catching creative work to detail-oriented technical tasks, there’s a place for you at Impact.

Browse through our open positions or reach out to the Talent Acquisition team to start the conversation about working with us today.


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