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From Reception to Recruitment: 7 Years at Impact with Cynthia Bennett

Internal promotions are an important part of the Impact culture. Newly promoted Vice President of Talent Acquisition Cynthia Bennett shares her story of growth, and shares how she built a team to support the fast-growing company.

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Feb 18, 2020

Cynthia Bennett has been a familiar, welcoming face for many at Impact through the years, starting off at the front desk and working her way up to becoming the new Vice President of Talent Acquisition. In this video, she shares how she grew, became a leader and made recruiting a top priority for our growing organization.

Video Transcript

So, I was recently promoted to Vice President of Talent Acquisition and in my new role, a lot of my initiatives are going to be to continue to grow my team with making sure that they have their tools to grow and develop their teams underneath them, that we can really foster the Impact culture within our team and continue to provide opportunity, continue to provide advancement for all of our team members. While you know, putting the focus of getting the right people for Impact for all of our growing divisions.

I started off as the receptionist at our corporate headquarters in Waukegan, and, you know, I just witnessed a lot of interviews coming in and out of corporate, and I knew it was a big initiative of the company at the time to expand our sales force, and I did that for a couple years and after I was able to fully understand those efforts, that’s when we hired a technical recruiter to specifically work on those initiatives. 

So, some other goals coming into this year is going to be focused on growth. You know, we are going to continue to really provide that opportunity for everybody on our team. We’re also going to expand our technical division with our growing IT department and software department, and we’re also going to be expanding to ES99 our marketing agency a specific recruiter just for those efforts. I think it’s very important to have an internal talent acquisition team just because it’s really special to, you know, have somebody that truly knows the company that they’re recruiting for that can really align with the culture and be able to tell that to the candidate on the other side. 

I would say that my growth and my career with Impact truly speaks to our culture. You know, Impact is a land of opportunity and, you know, that could not be any more true. You know, I feel very blessed to have that type of culture and Impact. 


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