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Anaheim Grand Opening

Impact Networking marks a major move of expansion into Southern California with the grand opening of the flagship office in Anaheim, California.

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Mar 03, 2020

Impact Networking officially opened the doors to the new Anaheim office with a grand opening that welcomed potential new customers to learn more about our team and what we will be bringing to businesses in Southern California. Check out what our leadership team at Impact had to say about the Impact Networking Anaheim grand opening!

Video transcript: Impact Networking Anaheim Grand Opening

So, we decided to open up in Anaheim as a natural progression of our expansion into Southern California. We started in Los Angeles in 2017, the next obvious approach for us is to head south into Orange County, which is a great opportunity for us from a business perspective.

What we love about this office is that it’s our second office expanding into Southern California, and so the great thing about this is it’s a bigger facility than we originally started out with in Los Angeles. And we’ve had this amazing facility open for almost a year, as well. We haven’t really had a chance to showcase that to our clients and prospects.

The reason that we came out to Southern California is it’s the second-largest market in the United States, and from a culture standpoint, sure, each market has their individual flavor. However, all organizations appreciate the process that Impact puts them through in helping their businesses grow and improve.

After establishing a brand presence and market presence in Anaheim for about a year, we decided to launch a grand opening to invite our customers and prospects in to see what we’re about.

So this event is really for Impact to get awareness in the community. What we’re doing is we’re inviting some of our current clients in, as well as the prospective clients in the marketplace, to come check us out and see what we’re about.

Impact does a lot of stuff, and I think it’s kind of an ever-evolving service, as well, that we do. But we consult businesses and companies on their internal infrastructure. We act as a managed service provider on many different levels.

We really want to go in to different businesses and companies and understand different areas of their business that they’re currently looking into upgrading, updating, keeping up with the times.

The great thing about Impact is we’re a great organization, we’re relatively new to the Southern California market, so this gives these clients a great opportunity to see what Impact is and the amount of investment that we’re putting into Southern California.

This is really important for us right now because this is going to help us drive and net new business for the next two to three quarters. They’re gonna really get an understanding of how well we’re engaging with our market. That’s really going to help us accelerate not only the growth of the reps here at the office, but also what we can do as far as expanding further along the West Coast.

I really see Anaheim being one of the flagship offices, not only for Southern California but also for Impact in general. We’ve got a great marketplace, I love the energy and enthusiasm.

The culture here is fun, team-oriented, everybody here works to try to help keep each other up. We get along really well—a lot of the reps hang out on the weekends and have formed really great, long-lasting friendships out of this, which is really cool to watch. They’ve really come together and built more of a support system.

And so I really see this being a huge opportunity for Impact to grow.


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