A Day at Wrigley Field with Impact and Friends: 2022 Cubs Clinic

Impact is proud to sponsor the Chicago Cubs and to provide this opportunity to play at Wrigley Field to our present and future customers.

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Oct 21, 2022

Impact is proud to be a sponsor of the Chicago Cubs. And this partnership gives us a chance to provide the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play on the field at Wrigley to our present and future customers and their families.  

This year’s Cubs Clinic brought everyone to the friendly confines to enjoy a day on the field batting, throwing, and enjoying a little bit of America’s pastime with friends and family.

A Day at Wrigley Field with Impact and Friends

This annual event gives us a chance to connect with our friends away from the typical business setting to make more genuine connections and strengthen relationships.  

Through events like the Cubs Clinic, Impact has been able to strengthen relationships with clients, prospects, and partners like the Cubs through fun outings at historic venues. 

Impact’s Partnership with the Chicago Cubs 

Impact has been a proud sponsor and official provider of digital office equipment and managed print services for the Chicago Cubs since 2016. Impact’s presence at Wrigley Field includes the Impact logo and branding. 

Partnering with storied local organizations like the Cubs gives Impact the chance to share these incredible opportunities with our clients and their families. 




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