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Give Your Business a Unique Edge with Professional Photography and Video Services

Using photography and video for marketing isn’t new, but businesses are increasingly turning to it as a content form because of the success of marketing photography with audiences.  

Using custom marketing photography gives your business an edge for your brand image over your competitors using stock photosEducating, informing and persuading audiences on your website and on social media through visual content gives your brand a unique feel and gets to the heart of who you are and how you present yourself. 

At Impact, we understand the power of the visual medium as a means to communicate more effectively with peopleand we can’t wait to tell your story to your audience. 

Benefits of Impact’s Photography and Video Services

Whether it’s facility shots, headshots, property shots, videos of your team, your office, your product or your client testimonials  we capture the moments that are unique and powerful to set you apart. Benefits of our services include: 

brand representation icon A clear representation of your brand to audiences

social media presence icon Professional social media presence with high-quality visual content

Content drives leads icon Custom content tailored specifically to drive engagement and leads

channel-specific content icon Channel-specific content to appeal to different audiences online

library photos Establish a library of photos to use in future marketing and advertising campaigns

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Photography and Video Features

Promote your brand’s unique image with photography and video marketing from Impact. We’ll help you develop content that speaks to your brand and engages your audience with content for all digital channels.

Product photography

Customers get turned off by low-quality photography, and you can change that with crisp, clearprofessional photos that do justice to your products and services. 

Invite your audience into your workplace and get to the heart of who you are with professional-grade photography and videography that shows your company in the best possible light to prospects.  

Custom video content for all purposes and all channels  whether on social media or your website, we can create the content you need to drive traffic and engagement online. 

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Find out more about how photography and video services can benefit your business.

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