Paid Media Management 

Comprehensive research and management for all your ads on every platform

Get Results from Your Marketing with Paid Ad Campaigns That Work

If you want more traffic to your website, the ability to do flash sales, or reach specific audiences, then you need paid media. But online platforms like Facebook and Google Ads can be intimidating, and using them correctly to target your ideal customers and get ahead of competitors takes a lot of time.

That’s where Impact comes in. Our Research and Insights team can figure out exactly who the right audience is for you, and together, you’ll create a plan for an effective strategy. Then our Paid Media division will execute that plan, all while collecting real-time insights and reporting back with their findings.

If you want to improve impressions, click-throughs, and conversions, Impact has all the tools you need.

Benefits of Impact’s Paid Media Management

Impact has managed thousands of successful campaigns over the years. With our extensive experience and proven process, you can enjoy real results with a company that scales up with you.

Our researchers will study consumers to find exactly who you should be targeting, what their needs are, and why your solution is a great fit for them. That information will then be used to create a marketing strategy, helping us focus on the right people with the right message at the right time.

This includes:

  • Conferences with key stakeholders to ensure we’re on the same page about optimal audiences
  • Desk research into ideal customers at the beginning of the buyer’s journey
  • Consumer behavior research
  • Data synthesized into audience profiles
  • Collaboration with the paid media team to translate this research into an actionable strategy

One of the biggest benefits of modern paid media is that it allows for real-time insights and optimization. Impact will set up ads based on the research team’s recommendations, and then use the responses to those ads to refine your campaign, making it as effective as possible.

This includes:

  • Assessment and analysis of current campaigns and paid media strategy, if one is running
  • Development of the future strategy, including concrete objectives, platform recommendations, timing, and more
  • Focus on your target audiences to increase qualified leads and conversions
  • Quarterly search or display ads created and implemented
  • A/B testing to find the best communications to your prospects
  • Leveraging AI for ongoing monitoring and optimization
  • Visibility into the level of success we’re achieving with conversion tracking built into your website
  • Bidding on specific, targeted search terms that are relevant to your business
  • Quarterly reports on performance

You don’t transform your business with one campaign, you do it with a long-term strategy. But Impact is with you every step of the way, ensuring that your business runs ads that follow the plan we developed together, are providing the responses you deserve, and accurately represent the best of your brand.

This includes:

  • Regular meetings with the Impact team to review progress and ensure all of your needs are being met
  • Clearly laid out timelines, expectations, and deliverables
  • Reviewing and challenging the creative strategy on a regular basis to ensure the plan continues to make sense and deliver the most effective results
  • Scalable scope to match the size of your business no matter how it changes over our partnership
  • Ongoing, strategic guidance about the best ways to achieve your marketing goals

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Features of Paid Media Management

Enjoy the great returns of a paid search offering that combines strategy and creativity to get results. Our experts use a number of tools and KPIs to develop and track the success of your paid media campaigns, and then present them to you so you’re never in the dark about anything.

Social media browser windows

Paid media needs to be handled differently depending on where it is — what is right for Facebook might not be right for LinkedIn. Our team will ensure that the tone of your message is best suited to the channels you’re using.

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We’ll get your ads to show up at the top of Google by bidding on targeted search terms that provide the best ROI for your buck.

With a full team of creatives, Impact can create the exact type of promotion you want. From searchable, SEO-inspired blog posts to memorable video ads, our content is designed to perform well through paid media as well as organically.

Paid ad monitoring

We utilize an AI-powered dashboard and establish clear key performance indicators (KPIs) so we can track how your digital campaigns are doing and make adjustments where necessary.

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Find out more about how paid media management can benefit your business.

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