Paid Media Management 

Comprehensive management for all your ads on every platform

Get Results from Your Marketing with Paid Ad Campaigns That Work

Paid media in digital marketing encompasses ads that appear online, like Google and Facebook ads. With people spending more time on the internet than ever, digital ad campaigns are an integral aspect of improving customer outreach online, but many businesses don’t have the time or expertise to fully manage their campaigns.  

Our team at ES99 is well-versed in the world of paid search services and we’ll support your marketing efforts by managing your paid media strategy, tracking conversions and identifying new customers. 

Benefits of ES99’s Paid Media Management 

ES99 has managed thousands of successful campaigns since our inception. Enjoy the benefits of sitting back while our paid media strategists use analysis and monitoring to take care of your online ad strategy. Benefits include: 

performance tracking Digital ads that are managed, monitored and reported on in one place where we can track performance

visibility and tracking icon More visibility on the success of prospect conversions with conversion tracking built into your website

targeted approach Increased ability to make conversions by taking a targeted approach that reaches out to audiences that are already beginning the buyer’s journey

paid media testing We A/B test your paid media ad messaging, ensuring that what you’re conveying to potential prospects has already been tested successfully against alternatives

increase leadsHyper-focus on your target audience to increase leads and conversions

targeted search termsBe found when people are searching for what you offer online by bidding on specific, targeted search terms relevant to your business

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Features of Paid Media Management

Enjoy the great returns of a paid search offering that combines strategy and creativity to get results. Our experts use a number of tools and KPIs to develop and track the success of your paid media campaigns, so you’re never in the dark about anything.

Social media browser windows

Paid media needs to be handled differently depending on where it is  what is right for Facebook might not be right for LinkedIn. Our team will ensure that the tone of your message is best suited to the channels you’re using. 

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We’ll get your ads to show up at the top of Google by bidding on targeted search terms that provide the best ROI for your buck. 

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Get your message in front of consumers on Instagram and Facebook, professionals on LinkedIn and enthusiasts on YouTube. Whatever the most important audience for you is, we’ll position your ads appropriately to deliver results. 

Paid ad monitoring

We utilize a dashboard and establish clear key performance indicators (KPIs) so we can track how your digital campaigns are doing and make adjustments where necessary. 

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