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Do you find your marketing campaigns aren’t generating the leads you’d hoped? Marketing has evolved  consumers expect an organic, meaningful relationship with businesses all the way through the sales funnel, and not every business is equipped for the task. 

Our team of experts uses the HubSpot platform to offer you marketing automation solutions you can rely on. Through the platform’s sophisticated tools, we’ll help you build stronger and more fruitful relationships with your prospects and put together a winning strategy for preparing and executing your campaigns with a level of automation used by the best in the business.

A marketing automation solution will help you achieve conversions you didn’t think possible, and we’re the marketing automation agency that’s ready to help you. 

Benefits of Impact’s Marketing Automation Services

Our strategists at Impact are well-versed in marketing automation and using the HubSpot platform to its fullest to help in marketing campaigns. We’ll give your efforts a breath of fresh air to build stronger relationships with your prospects. Benefits of our marketing automation services include: 

automated marketing strategy icon A fully automated inbound marketing strategy, sending the right content to the right people at the right time for maximum impact

customer engagement icon Better access to prospect and customer data for better engagement

increase traffic icon Increased online presence by using targeted content strategies that drive traffic and increase conversion rates

inbound marketing icon Inbound marketing strategy that increases interest in your brand and develops qualified leads

growth strategy icon Growth-driven strategy, utilizing methods and campaigns that focus on continual nurturing of leads over time

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Marketing Automation Features

Turn prospects into sales with Impact, the marketing automation agency that’ll streamline your sales process. The HubSpot platform allows us to onboard and lay a foundation for marketing automation success for your business — unifying sales, marketing and customer service into a cohesive unit.

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Automatically trigger campaigns based on activities within your contacts and transfer leads in and out of campaigns as they meet benchmarks you’ve set. Assess detailed engagement data for each workflow and build an effective campaign strategy centered around actionable data. 

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Improve your sales with CRM integration into your marketing activities, putting high-value lead information directly into the hands of your sales team.     

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Use every HubSpot tool to collectively drive traffic and visitors to your offerings, using strategies that include social media content, web resources, blogging and SEO to target prospects with a comprehensive inbound marketing approach. 

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HubSpot’s marketing platform allows us to build a strategy that incorporates every aspect of inbound marketing, including landing pages, form creation, campaign workflows, lead scoring, segmentation and ad integration. 

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