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Social Media: Inbound Marketing’s Sherpa for the Online Frontier

By Erik Cagle

Recognizing the importance social media can potentially play in the company’s marketing strategy, Impact Networking of Lake Forest, Illinois, hired a dedicated social media coordinator in June of 2018 to quarterback the company’s social media channels. The coordinator spent her first year aligning the dealer’s organic strategy and brand voice.

Thus far, Impact Networking has witnessed a significant spike across every platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instragram and Twitter), which averaged a 50% boost in audience growth year over year. Impressions rose 99% over the previous year to 2.4 million. The 77,200 engagements produced represented a 220% increase, illustrating the success that accompanies a dedicated point person in charge of the initiative.

“It is important that all our digital marketing efforts are aligned, and social media plays a huge part in this,” said Karlee Ricks, Impact Networking’s marketing manager. “The content that we are creating in promoted through social media and by looking specifically at engagement and audience retention metrics, we can constantly be revising our strategy.”

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