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Digital Office Awards ‘Best of the Best’ 2002

BEST Stand-Alone Corporate / Departmental Network Printer – KYOCERA MITA FS9500DN

Kyocera Mita’s 50ppm network printer, the FS9500DN, was named as the best network printer in the Digital Office Awards, building on Kyocera‘s reputation as a long-established printer company with a strong presence in major markets. Its electronics, software and network management system has been forged from the cutting edge of Kyocera’s print technology.

Paper handling and finishing has been designed and developed using the copier expertise gained from the merger between Kyocera and Mita the copier manufacturer.

BERTL has run numerous extended tests on Kyocera’s patented ceramic long life drum technology, called Ecosys, and has generally found the Kyocera drum and separate toner cartridge system to provide competitive cost of ownership.

BERTL ran tens of thousands of pages through the Kyocera Mita FS-95090DN and the Hewlett Packard LaserJet 9000 in a Head to Head trial and found the Kyocera Mita to be nearly three times cheaper to run than the 50ppm alternative, a significant factor in naming it the best network printer.

Before you buy a product, check that it has received a BERTL LabCheck Certificate

In addition to its low running costs, users can benefit from extensive finishing and document production capabilities. The Kyocera Mita FS9500DN’s driver offers a range of document production options and a saddle-stitch booklet maker for users who wish to create folded center-stapled booklets.

Network bandwidth conservation is also catered for with the FS9500DN’s “Print on Demand” function. This allowed BERTL analysts to store commonly used documents on the device’s hard drive and reprint them without the need to send the job back over the network.

To read more about the Kyocera Mita FS9500DN and its 41,453 page “head to head” test visit and click on the 12 page LabCheck Report.

BERTL (Digital Test Lab) – 7th Annual – Digital Office Awards “BEST of the BEST” 2002 — Based on “hands-on” evaluations by BERTL (Digital Test Lab) on over 200 competing (corporate office) Digital Copiers, Network Laser Printers, Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs), Color Laser Printing Devices (High and Low Volume), High Speed Copier-Printers, High Speed / High Volume Mono CRD / Print for Pay Devices and Color Laser Production Systems during the period January 1st 2001 to May 15th 2002. In judging winning products / manufacturers, BERTL also takes into consideration feedback from product resellers and end users who have provided commentary over the year of their first hand experience of product reliability, ease of use and overall satisfaction. BERTL has an international reputation as one of the harshest critics of product performance. BERTL performs more “hands-on” evaluations than any other organization in the world. When evaluating products, BERTL looks at issues of : Network Management, Software Utilities, Concurrency, Contention Management, Ease of Use, Print Productivity, Copy Productivity, Image Quality, Bi-Directional Capabilities, Controller Performance, Installation and Set-Up (Out of Box Experience), Bandwidth Measurements, Color Management, Color Matching, Scanning Capabilities, Fax Capabilities, Overall Design, Accessibility Issues (for wheelchair access and for the visually impaired), Volume Capabilities and more. BERTL publishes LabCheck Reports on every product tested. Over 800 LabCheck Reports are published at