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Employee Mother’s Day Tribute 2020

This year’s Mother’s Day proved to be very different for everyone with the current situation we are facing. For many, this meant that many of the day’s traditions had to be put on hold. Still, we wanted to give employees the chance to spread some messages of thankfulness and joy to all of the mothers out there.

Watch this video for some heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day tribute messages, as well as a few inspiring stories from Impact employees.


Thank you to the following Impact team members who shared their words and stories with us:

Jessica McClain, Accounts Payable Lead

Alex Kusters, Sales Manager and Partner

Patricia Pruitt, Executive Account Manager

Karlee Ricks, Chief Marketing Officer

Frank Cucco, CEO


At Impact, we try to celebrate our home and work families as often as we can. Watch some of these videos below to see how:

Impact International Women’s Day 2020

Company Picnic 2019 

Video Transcript 

A woman that I admire and look up to, I have to say my mother, I just really admire her drive, her tenacity, and her bravery. To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day to my wife. who is a soon to be mother. 

To my mother, thanks for teaching me kindness and gratitude and to have a big heart. A woman who’s inspirational in my life is my mother, she is incredibly strong and confident and she has always told me that there’s no boundaries to what I can do, always achieve my goals. And there’s nothing that I can’t do.

My grandma is probably who I look up to the most. She raised six kids and had a very successful nursing career and always taught me you can do whatever you want as long as you put your mind to it.

Today, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 1999 and if anyone knows that year, that was the year that Impact was founded. It was my mother who pushed me and gave me the confidence to start Impact and go out on my own. My mom always taught me to dream big, believe in myself, be disciplined and have a hard work ethic, cheers to all the mothers out there. I think they play a huge role in all of our lives and they deserve the respect and the celebration that today brings. Thank you and enjoy the day.