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The Workplace Environment at Impact

At Impact, we pride ourselves on a workplace that fosters professional growth, collaboration, and work/life balance.

Because we believe that service is a direct reflection of the people performing it, the workplace environment at Impact is crucial to our business model. Our workplace environment at Impact fosters professional growth, collaboration, and work/life balance. Impact branches are vibrant and team-oriented, and collaboration with C-level employees is not only permitted, it is encouraged. Everyone at Impact has a voice in the decision-making process for the company. In addition to professional growth opportunities, work/life balance at Impact ensures that employees have quality time with their families and the people that matter most.

Video Transcript 

The atmosphere is just fun. It’s lively. 

You hear the chirping, you talking, music is going. This is not a calm environment. 

Everyone’s really vibrant. Everyone smiling all the time. And that kind of energy really actually will expand to the customers, too. 

The word corporate seems a little stuffy to me, I don’t think, I think we’re very loose group. It’s fun, and that’s one of the reasons we’re successful. We’d like to kick back and have resources for our reps to stay and work late and not feel like they’re at work. 

We all have the same goal. We want our own success. We want it as a team too. 

From the top down, the leadership, they believe in your success and they want to see you succeed. 

We have more of a team environment, not just with our own sales team, but with administration, with systems, with services, a lot of synergy, and we’re all rolling the boat in the same direction. 

We’re a company that likes to help rookies get to the senior level. That’s very special, is that we all work together as a team. 

Impact has an open-door policy. Everybody can feel open to talk to their manager, and talk to your supervisor, or even talk to the CEO about things that they’re having concerns about. 

My reps come in my office any time they want to tell me what’s on their mind, and same thing for the partners. 

Whenever you have a question about anything, they’ll always strategize a game plan with you. They’ll be there for support. 

I’m able to bounce things off of the ownership directly, so that’s a big key and being able to get things done. There isn’t a lot of red tape. If there’s a decision to be made, you can make that decision and follow through with things immediately, which helps our customers. 

We just try to stay smart. We try to stay fast. We try to keep up to date on technology and emerging markets and just concentrate on what’s possible for our customers. 

We blow at any competitor away, and the support that we provide, the showrooms that we have, all the things that our company invests in. 

We got company cars, we get laptops, cellphones. Everything is provided for us to do a great job. 

Our technicians are taking care of whatever tools they need to be successful. Impact provides that to them 

Here at Impact they support you, not only professionally, but also personally, making sure that you’re there for your family first. 

The company is very accepting of any time that I would need off for my children. 

I found that Impact was very supportive with me taking my maternity leave. Just very helpful throughout the whole pregnancy. It’s a very pro-family workplace. 

This company is something bigger than just a career. You’re family here.