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Take Your Child to Work Day 2020: Remote Work Edition

As Impact currently functions as a work from anywhere business due to the current situation, our employees took a different approach to a popular holiday. Watch this video to see how some of Impact’s many hardworking moms and dads spend their days at home with their kids. We are a work from Anywhere Business.

Thank you to the following Impact parents for submitting their fun work from home videos!

Michael Hatt, Inside Sales Manager
Mike Lepper, General Sales Manager/Partner
Tony Deszcz, Senior Executive Consultant
Janessa Bernard, Supply Admin
Andrew Bass, Major Account Manager
Jordan Bass, Major Account Manager
Patrick Layton, Vice President of Managed IT Services
Ashley Carnes, Director of Sales Strategy and Professional Development
Cory Carnes, Illinois General Sales Manager/Partner
Vinnie Sapienza, Account Manager
Nate Robinson, Document Solutions Account Executive/Partner
Michelle Bumber, Account Manager

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Video Transcript

Okay, kids are working as well on their homework. Johnny. Hey, buddy. What are you working on? Working on math. What’s this paper that you’re drawing on? What, you like this paper? It’s Impact paper. Do you love Impact paper? All right.

Me and Raffy are just up closing deals. Hope everybody’s having a great day. Enjoy the kids on Take Your Kid to Work Day. 

Vivian Rose Deszcz, and she is helping me put together a deal in Sherpa. After we build a deal in Sherpa, what do we do? You have to try selling it. When we get the paper work signed and we go back to Daddy’s office and Bolingbrook. What do we do? You get to ring the bell! You have a good time helping Daddy while we’ve been home working. Yeah. I love you. I love you too. 

What can a monster do? It can fly. That’s what a monster can do. I’m gonna get you. Okay? I thought it would be fun to talk about the book. Madison and I reading The Cat in the Hat. Madison what do you think about this book? It’s good. It’s good. Would you recommend it to other five-year-olds? You would? That’s wonderful. 

Mom’s assistant. Impact is the perfect partner to help manage your network. Here, if you’d like to look over this complete care packet. We can talk further about what an assessment looks like. Bring your kids to work day. I got the family out after a long day of work. We hit the trampoline up. Hi Impact! 

I’m Charlie and I’m going to be eight in two weeks. So, everyone is enjoying time with their family. And as crazy as this is, I know we are bursting at the seams and Mom’s going out of her mind.