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Success in Partnership: Jeff Ford on the National Dealer Service Council

No matter where the industry of print production services lands, Jeff Ford, VP of Client Experience, remains at the top of his game. In this video, we talk to him about his exciting new appointment as a lifetime member of the Ricoh National Dealer Service Council.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jeff Ford, Impact Networking. I’m the Vice President of Client Experience. I’ve been with Impact for three years and  I was brought on through an acquisition. I’ve been in the industry over 30 years. I’ve served my term on the dealer counsel as a chairperson, but I’ve actually been given the honor distinction as a lifetime member of the National Dealer Service Council. The National Dealer Service Council is a committee of dealers varying sizes, typically a $5 million dealer up to over $100 million dealer like Impact. And it’s really the manufacturer listening to the voice of the dealers to make sure that they’re doing everything they need to do to provide the dealer the right solutions, products, service’s support and those type of things. 

Typically, dealers are that are selected for the NDSC has to serve for 2 to 3 years. I was actually on the council for five years. My role was to bring together the responses from the other dealers to make sure we had that in an organized format so that we could bring that to RICO about the pleasure of working with Jeff Ford over a 30-year career I couldn’t be more proud to have Jeff serve as our National Dealer Service Council Chairman for the last five years. He’s done an amazing job of not only leading the National Dealer Service Council, he’s also been articulate and making the issues well-known and documented. And he’s been really in the forefront of driving us to looking ahead and doing things more with technology and leveraging what we do today to make it better for the RICO dealers and their customers to deliver that really that exceptional customer experience.

Something I’m very proud of, just to be able to work with an organization like Ricoh and to continue to grow and become better on and provide those solutions in their products.