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Motivational Monday with Heidi Bassler

Coming back from the weekend can bring about feelings of stress and anxiety, and those emotions can hold you back from hitting the ground running. According to Heidi Bassler, one of Impact’s leaders in employee training and professional development, a lot can change when one adopts a positive view. Mindset is everything, particularly on Monday!

Watch this video to get some quick tips for starting off the week productively.

About Motivational Monday

This video series provides short clips with words of wisdom, powerful quotes and messages from members of the Impact team to fellow employees and more.

This video features Heidi Bassler, Manager of Professional Development in Lake Forest, IL.

Check out the full series here.

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Video Transcript 

Good morning, Impact. Happy Monday. Having motivation on a Monday is truly a choice. It really is all about your mindset, how you choose to spend your Monday will set the pace for the entire week ahead. 

So, take some time this morning to set small, actionable goals for yourself. By building in a sense of achievement throughout the week, you’ll notice that your motivation stays strong. 

I hope you have a great Monday and a very successful week ahead.