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Meet the Team | Los Angeles Warehouse

Since Impact opened its first West Coast office in 2017, we’ve continued to grow our footprint across California. Find out how the Los Angeles warehouse team works together to deliver product to customers each day.

Video Transcript

My name is Robert Mulligan, and I’m a Warehouse Associate at Impact Networking.

My name is David Vasquez, I’m a driver for the company. 

My name’s Ilan Kasiansky, I am a Shop Supervisor here out of L.A. It’s a fun environment here. It’s a busy one. We have really great teamwork here. All the employees’ co-workers here are really, really great. They really motivate everybody, really put in hard work. You know, I think we collaborate really well. We are a small team out here, so we kind of all rely on each other to help in some ways throughout the work process. Everybody gets along. Everybody’s really nice, you know? So, you never have any bumping heads. Everybody is always helpful and willing to give you a hand.

We’re trying to make sure everything gets out on a timely basis because we are the first impression for Impact out here. So I would say at times it’s a little hectic, but in a good way. We do what we have to get things done the right correct way, and make sure all the customers are happy with their equipment. Everybody just trying to make their mark and contribute to Impact growing out here.