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Legacy Gala | Alivio Medical Center

Impact is proud to sponsor the Alivio Medical Center’s Legacy Gala. It’s important for Impact to give back to clients and partners, especially for a cause that benefits the community directly and provides access to quality healthcare to under-served communities in the Chicago area.

Video Transcript

It’s important for Impact to sponsor the Alivio Gala because the Alivio Medical Center is committed to providing access to quality and cost-effective health care to the uninsured and underinsured without exclusion to cultures or races in the Chicago area. They provide important services, advocacy, education, and research as well as evaluation of the environment with care and respect to the community and the people that they serve. 

It’s important for Impact to give back to our clients and partners because this should be a two-way street whenever possible. Especially in a case like this, where it benefits the community directly. I’ve been involved with the account for a number of years and I’ve seen first-hand the people that have benefitted and good that they’re doing, so it’s nice to know that a donation like that goes directly to services that people very much need.