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Inspiring the Next Generation: Empowering Girls for Life

Mentoring and supporting the future generation of professionals is a top priority of Impact. Outside of regular recruiting and school-based initiatives, we attend events focused on empowering women in the workplace, offering opportunities to developing areas and more.


Robert Fisher, Impact Regional Manager and Partner, recently connected with Bill Conroy, Founder, to learn more about the Empowering Girls for Life organization. As a company working to give young professionals the tools and resources they need for a better chance at equal opportunities to grow and lead, Impact was excited to sponsor their first digital version of this yearly event.


Watch this video to hear about the goals of the event, and why it’s important for companies to work alongside these nonprofits to inspire and empower the next generation.



“The goal [of EGFL] is so that they can achieve anything they want to achieve, whether it be a world-class athlete, a leader in business,  a rocket scientist or even someone who could be one of the first people on Mars.” — Robert Fisher


About the Event

The Empowering Girls for Life event is a unique opportunity that connects girls and women of all ages with professionals who have succeeded in different industries and roles. Having kicked off its first event in 2017, this nonprofit event brings presenters who share their stories of how they excelled in their respective careers and educate on the skills young girls can start focusing on today to help them reach their dreams.


Impact in the Community

Providing world-class service to our customers is just one way the Impact team works to serve the communities we work in. Check out our videos page featuring the wonderful companies and individuals we’ve worked with, and read more about some of Impact’s recent efforts.