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Managed Services
Enterprise-level processes, technology and strategy for small and medium businesses. Outsourced services, all supported by members of the Impact team.
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Inside Impact

Impact leaders from across the company give an introductory look at our company’s history, culture and how we’ve maintained our success for more than 20 years.

Video Transcript

Impact was created in 1999. Working at other companies and seeing things that we didn’t like that they did, and basically reworking a company, we thought we could do a better job and starting with the things that were always positive and building off of that. So, I would say Impact’s a company that can provide a lot of different technologies that are all woven together and run and pretty much anything in your office, including doing your marketing. 

Impact as a managed service is provider unique in that we leverage world class technology with a holistic business strategy. What that means is that we can address and remediate gaps and organizations’ people, processes, systems and creative. Sales is a crucial part of the business model in every company out there because it is the engine of the company. It’s what makes the rest of the company go around. If sales does not produce, the company can’t grow, and if the company doesn’t grow, there’s no opportunity for the employees. 

We have an amazing forward-thinking leadership that continues to ensure that were blazing the trail for continued growth culture and the service business is important because employees make the difference. When you’re working with a client on their issues, employees are going above and beyond and really into what they’re doing. That makes the difference. And that’s what’s led to work. Today, the way the market is, that technology is evolving really quickly. And with that evolution of technology companies a revolving really quickly, 

I think our go forward is going to be to continue to diversify into those products that we see a benefit for our clients and create a coast-to-coast network to be able to support those clients, whether they’re in Chicago, New York, or California.