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Impact’s First Customer | 20th Anniversary

Impact’s first client was Faith & Deliverance Church in Chicago. Take a look as we revisit our first customer, 20 years later!

Video Transcript

20 years ago, we were here at Faith and Deliverance Church, delivering our first copier as Impact Networking. We’re here today, 20 years later, dedicating a memorial hall for Debra Dotson. We’re donating a copier and being part of this service here. So come on in and take a look at what they’re doing here. 

Today is the day that we set aside to worship the Lord and to dedicate our dining hall to the late daughter Deborah Denise Dotson. 

Deborah is one of the founding pillars of the ministry, and she poured a lot of herself into the ministry, and we wanted to make sure that she was never for gotten. I want to keep her memory alive, and those that also helped the ministry to grow. She’s not here and flesh anymore, but her spirit is all around us. 

We’re excited and humbled by this, and to kind of tell you that it was all started here, at this church. 

For us, it was kind of the foundations of Impact. So we really came from nothing, where we were working out of Frank’s basement at the time, we’re delivering copiers out of his wife’s minivan, and our first sale to deliver here on a Thursday or Wednesday night, while service is going on, was exciting for us. You know, it was kind of that unknown of a new business. And it’s amazing how time has changed things, but yet people, and the church, and the synergy between the two organizations are exactly the same. 

20 years later, I’m just proud and humbled to be here with you folks today. And you guys give so much back to the community through this hall. We want to thank you for that. 

I remember meeting Nate when it first started. He came and they started, and when they brought the copier, we never thought that 20 years later that I will see him again, and he would be the man and the company that we have now. 

Today was important for multiple reasons. One is to remember Deborah who had meant so much to this church in this family, and that Impact could play a small role in that remembrance is meaningful. And I think that is something that we’re proud to be a part of. We’re proud to recognize people in the community that do good things and that make a difference in the community. So that’s another part of why we’re here today. And it’s just great to recognize people that went on out on a limb for us as a company when we were nobody. And here we are today, and we can now recognize them and give them back. It’s just a small portion of some of the success that we’ve had.