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Impact Teams Up with Jesse White Tumblers Program

On April 12th, Impact presented a check of $35,000 to the Jesse White Tumblers Program as part of our community initiatives to support and aid those in need.

To watch our presentation of the check to Mr. White, see the video below and learn more.

Read Press Release: Impact Donates $35,000 to the Jesse White Tumbling Team

The Jesse White Tumblers Program is named after its namesake, the Illinois Secretary of State since 1999. The acrobat team was created in 1959 to help provide Chicago’s inner-city children with a positive alternative outlet with over 10,000 children since participating.

The team has traveled all over the world and gives more than 1,500 performances per year. Children are encouraged to maintain “C” grades in school and stay away from gangs and drugs.

Impact is delighted to contribute to a program dedicated to helping Chicago’s youth, and it is with great pride that we donate to Secretary of State White and his initiative.

Impact believes in helping others and giving back to the local community. By making this commitment, The Jesse White Tumblers will be able to provide access and opportunity to more aspiring students in Chicago.

When making decisions on who to hire and promote at Impact, diversity and inclusion will be a focus in a continued effort to attract top talent and strengthen its culture.

Video Transcript

The reason we’re here today is because really for three reasons: we wanted to make a significant donation to the Tumblers, to continue Secretary of State Jesse White’s legacy and push those initiatives forward.  

We want to let the Tumblers know, that we are here for you guys and we’re not only are we here for you guys today, we’re gonna be here for you guys forever. 

This building serves as a safety net, the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of young people. Our mission is to help young people to grow taller into strength, keep them out of harm’s way, make sure they become better educated and better informed, when you do those things, you make society a better place for all of us.  

Special thanks to Mr. Cucco, for giving, thank you for caring, thank you for making a difference in the lives of these young people. They are going to present to the Jesse White Tumbling team some meaningful resources that will help us to continue to work with these young people. 

This is for the Jesse White Tumblers from Impact. We’re happy to give it and we want to Tumblers to enjoy it.