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Managed Services
Enterprise-level processes, technology and strategy for small and medium businesses. Outsourced services, all supported by members of the Impact team.
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The Impact Networking Company History (In Under Two Minutes!)

If you want to explore the Impact Networking company history but you only have a commercial break in which to do it, you’re in the right place! Watch this video to learn about when we were founded, what makes us special, how we grew, and where we’re going next. 

Introduction to Impact Networking’s Company History 

Impact was founded in 1999 by Frank Cucco, Dan Meyer, and Nate Robinson. They each had a ton of experience in the business world, and they began their own company with a list of things they knew didn’t work. Their open-mindedness to try the things that would is what led to the innovative, forward-thinking business Impact is today. 

Since our founding, we’ve expanded to five states and offer a much wider suite of holistic business solutions. Impact is now recognized nationwide as a top managed service provider, and we have thousands of clients who can back that up. But how did we get here? Watch the video to find out! 

About Impact 

Impact offers business solutions that will help your organization solidify its operational foundation, improve processes, amplify its message, and sustainably grow, all with minimal time and effort on the part of you or your employees. 

Whether you’re looking for a data-driven marketing strategy, expert-led cybersecurity, or to solidify your network’s IT foundations, Impact has it managed. Sit back and let our award-winning service take your organization to the next level by partnering with us today. 

Ready to make Impact Networking part of your own company’s history? Get in touch with a specialist to discuss how we can best help you grow now!