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What Happens After Winning the Impact Innovation Challenge?

In 2021, Adam Graf became the winner of Impact’s inaugural Innovation Challenge with his idea to develop Smart Glasses and use them across the company, particularly in our warehouses. See what came afterwards, and how his Smart Glasses idea was brought to life, in this video. 




The Impact Innovation Challenge 

The Innovation Challenge was founded by Fred Barrionuevo, the interviewer in this video, and inspired by the TV series Shark Tank. It was designed to source the best ideas Impact’s staff has to offer, with concepts from employees across the country competing against each other to find the winning proposal. 

It started with an online form where any member of the Impact community could submit ideas for new processes or products to make the company better. Employees voted for their favorites, and the people who produced the top ten were invited to come compete and present their suggestions at an in-person where they would be grilled by our panel of “Sharks” composed of leaders from across the organization. 

After the presentations and questioning, the Sharks deliberated. They made the final decision, coming back with their top three, including our 2021 Impact Innovation Challenge winner, Adam Graf! 

What Winners Get 

All three of the top finalists not only received a cash prize, but were also paired up with a Shark to start the next steps and take their innovative idea from conception to reality. That Shark would then help them figure out who to coordinate with and provide many of the resources needed to actually create what they had proposed. You can see what comes from that through the video above! 

Want to join a culture of innovation and idea-generating? Learn more about life at Impact and browse our open positions to take part in the next Innovation Challenge!